Accurate application plays an important part in any landscaping program, so choosing a good spreader is crucial. Scotts offers professional landscapers and horticulturalists a choice of three proven models.


Classic Drop Spreader

Drop spreader ideal for smaller landscaped areas that gives accurate application without spilling fertilizers onto flowerbeds, paving or stone slabs.

  • Hopper capacity 29.5 litres
  • 56cm spread pattern for excellent coverage
  • Rustproof hopper and agitator, and polymer components
  • Easy to read settings for increased accuracy of application
  • Heavy duty frame for optimum stability
  • Supplied fully assembled






AccuPro 2000

Fast, accurate coverage for professional landscapers and greenkeepers. Combines the accuracy of a drop spreader with the speed of a rotary model.

  • Hopper capacity 42 litres
  • 2 to 6 metres spread pattern for maximum coverage
  • Allows exact setting of application rate for small and large granules
  • Can also be used for grass seed and sand
  • Patented helical cone for a uniform and consistent spread pattern
  • Galvanized steel construction with large diameter frame
  • Large pneumatic wheels for manoeuvrability and no tread marks
  • Extended handle (91cm) with tuff-foam grips for added comfort
  • Transparent cover for protection of application products from rain and wind


The Scotts EasyGreen is a broadcast spreader on wheels, especially designed for use with Scotts fertilizers.

  • 122-340cm spread pattern for a wider coverage to feed large lawns quickly and easily.
  • With variable settings to granular apply lawn treatment or grass seed.
  • Convenient hand regulated on/off switch.
  • Adjustable handle bar for comfortable use and storage.
  • Suitable for spreading on large lawns, this is the widest spread obtained from a domestic lawn applicator.

HandyGreen II

Ideal hand-held spreader for use on small lawn areas. The Scotts HandyGreen II is a high quality, easy to use hand-held spreader.

  • Specially designed to reduce wrist fatigue. 
  • Ergonomic design causes less wrist fatigue than other hand-held spreaders. 
  • Great for applying seed, fertilizer, and other products on small areas-or for spreading ice melting products in winter. 
  • Rustproof plastic hopper and agitator.
  • Fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Suitable for spreading on small to medium lawns.

Spreader settings

  AccuPro 2000 EdgeGuard Deluxe Classic Drop Spreader
Setting Spread Width Cone Setting Spread Width
Maintenance R 4.8m 4 7 2.4m 3.25
New Grass R 4.8m 4 7 2.4m 4
Stress Control R 4.8m 4 7 2.4m 5

T 1/2

4.7m 4 8 2.4m 6.5
Stress Control* T 1/2 4.7m 4 8 2.4m 45g/m2 = 4
All Round T 4.8m 4 9 2.4m 3.25
Pre-Winter X 4.7m 4 10.5 2.4m 45g = 4.5
Full Season R 1/2 double pass 4.7m 4 7 double pass 2.4m 60g/m2 = 6.5 double pass
Weed Control + Fertilizer L 3.7m 8 7 1.3m 2
Moss Control + Fertilizer O 3.7m 8 8.5 1.3m 4.5
Moss Control + Fertilizer P 3.7m 8 9 1.3m 3.75
Water Control Programme M 4.0m 5 3.5 1.3m 20g = 3.5

* Settings for products sold in Italy, Spain, Portugal & Germany